The Literature Review is also considered a major chapter in writing your dissertation. It is also one of the most difficult to compose and write. It will demonstrate your proficiency and mastery of your chosen field. Often it is a daunting task just contemplating how to begin your Literature Review.

Without guidance, many students have difficulty in understanding the purpose of writing this dissertation chapter. The novice writer usually believes this chapter to be merely a description of all the research involved; when in all actuality it should focus more on the analytical aspect of the research.

Students also often make the mistake of including too many references, when the Literary Review should only consist of a summary of research that is relevant to your paper. It should also show you have an all-encompassing comprehension of your academic field.

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In writing your Literature Review your skilled writer will focus on the following components:

Identify the most relevant research to your paper

Document the references for your research

Exhibit data analysis and clarification

Defend your research, its purpose and contribution to your particular field.

Our dissertation writers understand your Literature Review will be the foundation of your dissertation. It will confirm you have done the work and know what you are talking about. It will also have to be presented in a clear and concise manner so you can validate how important your research is in regard to your field.

This is where you can benefit from our expertise the most. All too often this is the chapter that is the most demanding for a student to write. The credibility in what you are striving to accomplish can fall short if this chapter is not written correctly. So why would you take a chance? After all your hard work, now is your time to shine!

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